Lamborghini Dangles Off-Road-Ready Huracán Sterrato in Gloriously Dirty


Lamborghini Dangles Off-Road-Ready Huracán Sterrato in Gloriously Dirty

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The majority of people wouldn't even consider driving a Lamborghini in the rain or on genuine dirt. Some people wince at the mere concept of driving a Lamborghini for more than a few feet on a surface that isn't silky smooth—most American highways don't meet that description. If not with its relatively new Urus SUV, then with the impending Huracán Sterrato, Lamborghini hopes to alter that impression.


The Sterrato is essentially an off-road-ready Huracán. Yes, you did read that right. Why did Lamborghini create an off-road variant of the supercar Huracán? According to legend, the engineering crew spent a lot of time off-roading while creating the Urus SUV and caught the bug. The team then began to imagine what might happen if one of their supercars underwent a similar procedure.

Hence, the Huracán Sterrato was born. A prototype of this off-road idea was flown down to southern Italy by Lamborghini for our own Jonny Lieberman and three other journalists to test drive. As you can expect, Mr. Lieberman enjoyed himself immensely while wrecking the Sterrato on the rally circuit at the Italian test track in Nardo.

He left the event wondering whether the Sterrato would ever enter production or whether it was only a one-off skunkworks project serving as a convenient means of getting auto journalists to write about Lamborghini. Stop wondering now.

It appears that the off-road bull will eventually reach showrooms. In a new short clip titled "Beyond The Concrete," Lamborghini shows a Huracán Sterrato covered in camouflage wreaking havoc alongside a mountain rider on gravel roads.

In a tweet with the message "stay tuned," Lamborghini posted the footage. That clearly implies that the Huracán Serrato will be seen more frequently shortly. The likelihood that a production announcement will be made the following time we discuss this automobile is high, in our opinion.

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