New gen Mercedes-AMG GT to get an 842hp plug-in hybrid


New-gen Mercedes-AMG GT to get an 842hp plug-in hybrid

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The second version of the AMG-GT supercar, which will only be offered as a coupe this time, is now being prepared by Mercedes-AMG. The new GT will be the generation SL's sibling vehicle and play the role of the roadster.

A hybrid V8 will power the next Mercedes-AMG GT.

will be arranged with 2+2 seats.

purchase a nine-speed speedshift transmission

The 2018 GT's design will be more of an evolution than a revolution, maintaining the tall bonnet and short tail of the outgoing model. Additionally, the fastback-style tailgate will remain. As with the SL, the new GT will go from a 2-seat to a 2+2-seat configuration, unlike the previous model, however with subtle trim modifications to reflect its openly athletic attitude.

A new Mercedes-AMG GT will have four, six, and V8 engines.

The four-door GT 63's V8 engine and an electric motor installed on the back axle are used in the new Mercedes-AMG GT to produce a combined 842 horsepower and up to 1,469 Nm of torque when overboosted. If the GT's performance numbers match those of the 295GT, it will surpass both the Lamborghini Sian and the Ferrari 295GT as one of the most powerful hybrid coupes currently on the market.

The second-generation Mercedes-AMG GT will be equipped with a 4.0-liter V8 engine that is anticipated to deliver similar outputs to the SL when it debuts in 2023. Both inline-four and six-cylinder engines will be available for the new GT.

Throughout the life of the new coupe, further variations will be released, including more potent upgrades to the GT R, GT3, and top-of-the-line GT Black Series models.

The Magna seven-speed dual-clutch transaxle installed in the original GT has been replaced with a nine-speed Speedshift gearbox with a wet clutch, designed and manufactured internally for the new AMG GT. The new GT will come standard with a 4Matic+ all-wheel drive.

New Mercedes-AMG GT: technical details

Based on the same Modular Sport Architecture framework as the open-top SL, the Porsche 911-rivaling coupe has been modified to accept the fixed roof and the fastback tailgate of the GT. Mercedes-Benz claims that the longitudinal, torsional, and transverse rigidities have all been raised.

In order to enhance the original model's NVH characteristics and road surface sensitivity, AMG also developed new chassis mounts. Aluminum, steel, magnesium, and carbon fiber are used in the coupe.

The rear transaxle, a design initially employed with the SLS and carried over into the first-generation GT, has been abandoned in the new AMG-GT, one of several significant alterations. In order to make room for the SL's rear-wheel steering and completely variable 4Matic+ four-wheel drive system, the new GT's engine and gearbox are mounted up front.

The front-to-rear weight distribution of the new model is said to be similar to that of the old GT's 47:53 ratio despite the modification.

The vehicle will also come equipped with a newly created Active Roll Control suspension system, which combines double wishbones up front and a multi-link setup at the back with steel springs, variable damping, and hydraulically actuated roll bars. It gives the GT a "distinctly different diving character", says Mercedes-Benz. 

New Mercedes-AMG GT: designed around aerodynamics

The new GT, which receives the same front underbody spoiler as the SL, was developed with active aerodynamics in mind. In order to produce a Venturi effect beneath the automobile at a speed of 100 kph and ultimately reduce front axle lift by a reported 50 kg at a speed of 250 kph, it extends downward by around 40 mm. At speeds greater than 80kph, the rear wing deploys and tilts in five phases to enhance downforce.

The forthcoming GT was designed and engineered by AMG, much like the new SL, but with significant contributions from other Mercedes-Benz departments. One of these is the High-Performance Powerplant division, which also designed the Formula-1-derived powertrain for the extreme Mercedes-AMG One road vehicle.

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