Top 10 Scooters June 2022 – Activa, Jupiter, Access, Ntorq, Avenis, Dio


In June 2022, the Honda Activa sold the most scooters in the nation (1,84,305 units versus 94,724 units, representing a YoY rise of 94.5%).

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Within the top ten sales list for last month, some scooters showed an excellent YoY increase. With 1,84,305 units sold overall, the Honda Activa led the pack compared to 94,724 units in June 2021, representing a YoY volume growth of 94.5 percent. With a total of 62,851 unit sales, the TVS Jupiter maintained its position as the second-best seller.

This is a YoY gain of 97.3% when compared to the 31,848 units sold during the same time the previous year. A YoY volume increase of 8.7% made the Suzuki Access the third-most-popular scooter in the month of June 2022, with 34,131 units sold compared to 31,399 units during the same time in 2018.

With 26,450 units sold as opposed to 18,983 units during the same month last year, the Honda Dio ended in fourth place with a YoY positive sales rise of 39.3%. The TVS Ntorq handled a total of 22,741 units, up from 15,544 units in June 2021, representing a YoY volume rise of 46.3%.

Top 10 Scooters (YoY)

  June 2022 Sales

 June 2021 Sales

 Suzuki Access (8.7%)



 TVS Ntorq (46.3%)



 Honda Dio (39.3%)



 TVS Jupiter (97.3%)



  Honda Activa (94.5%) 



 Suzuki Burgman Street (11.4%)



 Hero Pleasure+ (-32.7%)



 Suzuki Avenis



 Yamaha Fascino (283.2%)



 Yamaha RayZR (262.9%)



With 11,321 units sold as opposed to 17,937 during the same time last year, Hero Pleasure+ placed sixth in the second half of the chart, representing a YoY negative sales decline of 32.7%. Avenis 125, which Suzuki just unveiled to compete with TVS Ntorq 125 in the Indian market, has been favorably accepted by consumers.

In the month of June 2022, The Avensis had a cumulative domestic sales total of 9,284 units. Suzuki Burgman Street 125 sales increased by 11.4% year over year to a total of 8,793 units from 7,935 units. The Yamaha RayZR finished ahead of its Fascino sister in tenth place. In contrast to 2,229 units in June 2021, the former posted 8,091 units.

The Fascino witnessed a sales boost of 283.2%, while the RayZR saw a growth of 262.9%, placing it second among the top ten.

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