Top 10 Two-Wheelers June 2022 – Access, Splendor, Glamour, Activa


Hero Splendor won the two-wheeler sales race in June 2022 with a total of 2,70,923 units sold in the domestic market.

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Hero MotoCorp's entry-level commuter, the Splendor, continued to rule the two-wheeler market in June 2022 as 2,70,923 units were reported, up from 2,64,009 units during the same time the previous year, with a positive YoY sales increase of 2.62 percent. It accomplished this by significantly outselling the Activa in sales.

Last month, the Honda Activa did experience significant YoY growth in volume. Last month, the popular scooter reported a cumulative domestic total of 1,84,305 units, up from 94,274 units during the same time a year earlier, representing a YoY sales rise of 95.5%. The third-place finisher was the Honda CB Shine.

It sold 1,25,947 pieces in total, up from 71,869 units in June 2021, for a YoY positive sales improvement of 75.2%. With a total of 1,13,155 units sold, the Hero HF Deluxe finished in fourth place, up 2.2% from the 1,10,724 units sold during the same time the previous year. The Bajaj Pulsar series came in at number five.

 Top 10 Two-Wheelers (YoY)

 June 2022 Sales

 June 2021 Sales

 1. Hero Splendor (2.62%)



 2. Honda CB Shine  (75.2%)



 3. Honda Activa (95.5%)



 4. Bajaj Platina (-35.9%)



 5. Hero Glamour (60.4%)



 6. TVS Jupiter (97.3%)



 7. Bajaj Pulsar (5.7%)



 8. Hero HF Deluxe (2.2%)



 9. Suzuki Access (8.7%)



 10. TVS XL100 (4.3%)



With a YoY rise of 5.7%, it sold 83,723 units overall last month compared to 79,150 units in June 2022. With 62,851 units vs 31,848 units and a YoY increase of 97.3%, TVS' Jupiter placed sixth in the second half of the standings. The XL100 from the Hosur-based company came in eighth place.

It sold 37,474 units as opposed to 35,897 units in June 2021, representing a YoY rise of 4.3%, whereas the Suzuki Access 125 sold 34,131 units as opposed to 31,399 units, representing an 8.7% YoY sales increase. Sales of Hero Glamour increased by 60.4% last month to 30,105 units from 18,759 units during the same time in 2021.

With a total of 27,732 units sold in June 2022 compared to 43,313 units sold during the same month in 2021 and a YoY negative sales increase of 35.9%, the Bajaj Platina completed the top 10.

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