After Scorpio N Booking Glitches, Anand Mahindra Comes To The Rescue


According to the Mahindra Scorpio N owners group on Facebook, many people's price status has changed as a result of Anand Mahindra's guarantee for the timestamp.

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On July 30, 2022, at 11 a.m., Mahindra opened the online booking for the brand-new Scorpio N. Due to Scorpio N's overwhelmingly positive reaction, it received over 25,000 reservations in one minute and over a lakh in only 30 minutes. All was not perfect, though, since Mahindra's payment gateway partner had a problem.

This made it possible for many buyers to delay booking a Scorpio N with the initial token and lose the chance to be one of the first 25,000 to be eligible for the beginning pricing. According to reports, the momentary malfunction lasted for more than 10 minutes. Mahindra addressed the issue in the news statement and stated:

Accordingly, the first 25,000 will be taken into account for initial rates based on this sequence since "the timestamps are correctly placed on the booking platform prior to payment, so each client will have their correct place in the order sequence." Customers who had trouble completing their orders on time approached Anand Mahindra for potential remedies on Twitter.

It appears that some people who requested that the beginning pricing be raised have gotten their wish. According to a post on the Mahindra Scorpio N owners group on Facebook, the pricing status has been changed from "price applicable on delivery" to the initial rates after Anand Mahindra's confirmation of timestamps. A pretty positive move on our part.

The automobile sector has faced several challenges in recent years, including manufacturing problems, logistical obstacles, chip shortages, and the devastation caused by the global health crisis. As a result, clients who have reserved new releases sometimes experience lengthy waiting times and constant price increases.

Mahindra intends to release 20,000 units of the Scorpio N by the end of 2022, although delays with recent launches like the XUV700 and Thar have already been extended by semiconductor problems. After that, on August 15, Mahindra will unveil the Five Born Electric Concept.

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