All-New 2023 Renault Duster Coming To India – Details


The well-liked Duster SUV has lately been removed from the Indian market by French carmaker Renault. But the second-generation Duster is different.

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Renault's Duster was responsible for starting the midsize monocoque SUV craze in India. Unfortunately, Renault was also at blame for not substantially updating or replacing the Duster, which let the competitors dominate the market. All of this may alter if the brand's intentions to unveil the newest Duster here come to fruition. And it won't just be a new car; the Renault Duster's new CMF-B platform will also be introduced.

The next-gen Renault Duster is an all-new car

After over ten years, the legendary Duster may no longer be manufactured in our nation, but Renault India has obviously not given up on the sub-brand. Not at all. The all-new 2023–2024 Duster will reportedly include cutting-edge aesthetics, a high price–to–feature ratio, and enough cutting-edge technology to compete with the competition. The new vehicle is designed on a brand-new platform that has nothing in common with the older model. In contrast, the earlier vehicle was based on the B-Zero platform, which supported a wide range of vehicles including the Logan, Lodgy, and Captur.

The next-gen Renault Duster is based on the CMF-B platform

The new Renault Duster is really constructed on a variation of the CMF-B platform with a lesser level of the specification known as the CMF-B LS (lower spec). The MQB A0-IN platform used by Volkswagen to build the Kushaq, Slavia, Taigun, and Virtus is conceptually similar; however, the LS version is more reasonably priced and specifically designed to meet the needs of emerging markets. Similar to VW's platform for India, this one will be improved by strategically adding and eliminating technology as required. Nevertheless, it will adhere to international safety and pollution standards, and hybrid powertrains are anticipated to assist offer the Duster the efficiency of a diesel, something that has been lacking since Renault ceased producing diesel cars in India a few years ago.

Next-gen Renault Duster will hold onto iconic Duster traits

People we spoke with at Renault also expressed the company's desire for the third-generation Duster to stay loyal to its history of being both inexpensive and capable. The new SUV is anticipated to have its own personality, even though the design is likely to reference the previous Duster and include some contemporary elements like those found on its sister vehicle, the Bigster. The large flared wheel arches, squared-off fenders, an integrated grille, and headlamp, as well as the well-known off-roader-like posture, are features that are expected to be carried over. However, considering that just a small portion of earlier-generation Dusters sold in India was 4X4s, Renault India is probably going to weigh the costs and benefits of bringing a 4X4 system to India. Even so, it’s an essential element of the car’s DNA, so it will be a toss-up.

Next-gen Renault Duster: a lot hinges on it

Although the new Duster hasn't been approved for India and the launch hasn't been decided upon, corporate sources have stated that the SUV is now being actively considered for introduction in India. The fact that Renault performed well in India last year has worked to its advantage. Nearly 100,000 cars were sold here, the brand is growing, and it is currently the top European automaker in India.

Renault's SVP of sales and operations, Fabrice Cambolive, exuded optimism. Overall, I believe we have the ability to enter this market, and we are getting ready for the future by analyzing our financials, he added. Nissan will also need to be included in the strategy if Renault moves through with the CMF-B LS platform in India, helping to split expenses and development duties. And this would pave the way for a whole family of vehicles from both manufacturers, potentially even Mitsubishi later on.

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