How Toyota Hyryder AWD Is Different From Fortuner 4WD System?


How Toyota Hyryder AWD Is Different From Fortuner 4WD System?

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The brand-new Urban Cruiser Hyryder is Toyota India's entry into the mid-size SUV market. It will have choices for both powerful and mild hybrid petrol engines. Both engines will come with a front-wheel drive system as standard equipment, while the latter will also offer an optional all-wheel drive system. When it is released, it will be Toyota's most reasonably priced off-road vehicle. It is important to note that this powertrain differs significantly from the 4*4 system used in the Toyota Fortuner/Hilux. This is how: -

Toyota Hyryder AWD System

⬤ The Toyota Hyryder's 103PS 1.5-litre mild hybrid engine will receive Suzuki's AllGrip Select AWD system, which has four driving modes: AUTO, SPORT, SNOW, and LOCK. This system is similar to that found on the Maruti Grand Vitara.

⬤ It predicts slippage and adjusts torque distribution to the rear wheels in accordance with feedback from the road surface, throttle opening position, steering angle, and other characteristics.

⬤ Additionally, depending on the selected driving mode, it makes use of both the traction control system and the electronic stability control (ESP). However, the ESP reduces the traction control in Sport Mode for a more nimble cornering experience, but it is at its highest level in Snow Mode.

⬤ To maximize fuel efficiency, the SUV travels most of the time in 2WD while automatically switching to all-wheel drive as necessary when in Auto Mode. On the other hand, the Lock Mode directs power to the wheels with the most traction, enabling the SUV to navigate rocky, muddy, or other slippery situations.

Toyota Fortuner/Hilux’s 4×4 System

⬤ Both the Hilux pickup truck and the Toyota Fortuner receive a switchable part-time 4WD system. This implies that when driving on asphalt, you must be in 2WD mode (rear-wheel drive), and you should only utilize 4WD on slick terrains like snow, mud, and sand.

⬤ It also receives a low- and high-range transfer case, which gives it the ability to traverse uncharted terrain.

⬤ The primary benefit of this 44 system is that only the driver may choose to engage in 4WD mode, giving it the perfect option for off-road aficionados.

⬤ When traveling on common roads, use the H2 (high speed, two-wheel drive) mode for optimum fuel efficiency and comfort. H4 mode should be used while driving off-road or on slick conditions like snow or mud (high speed, four-wheel drive). On the other hand, on steep, slick cliffs, the L4 mode (low speed, four-wheel drive) provides unmatched grip and pulling strength.

⬤ With a 4-link coil spring rear suspension, lockable differentials, an approach angle of 0.51 rad and a departure angle of 0.44 rad, as well as a variety of electronic driving aids like vehicle stability control, active traction control, hill hold & downhill assist control, ABS with EBD, and brake assist, this vehicle's off-road capabilities are further enhanced.

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