2024 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid First Look: Playing It Safe


2024 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid First Look: Playing It Safe

The new third-generation 2024 Subaru Crosstrek small SUV has finally been unveiled—sort of—after a pointlessly enigmatic tease. We'll have to wait a little longer for information on the new Crosstrek's eventual arrival in the United States because Subaru has chosen to exclusively showcase an early prototype that is intended for the Japanese market. The carmaker says it's not even certain the new SUV will be ready for sale by the end of the year and that it could not even be unveiled until later in 2024. The 2017 Crosstrek does receive new paint colors, extra body cladding, a bigger infotainment screen, and improved safety systems, but hey, the news is out now, and while primarily modest enhancements.

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The 2024 Crosstrek's design is obviously a very safe move for Subaru, as it doesn't appear significantly different from the model that is already on the market. It maintains the same small, wagon-like dimensions, and just like the newly debuted new WRX sedan before it, it has additional body cladding and more durable materials edging the outer bodywork, such as around the wheels and the fog lights. According to Subaru, the design should convey both agility and toughness.

According to the data given, it appears that the Crosstrek's overall dimensions and wheelbase remain unaltered, but the ground clearance has been somewhat reduced; it is now reported as 200mm, or around 7.9 inches, as opposed to the previous model's listed 8.7 inches clearance. The 2.0-liter H-4 direct-injection engine will likely be paired with a motor-generator unit coupled to a small battery pack that's typically mounted over the rear axle. The new Crosstrek is likely to receive the brand's symmetrical all-wheel drive system, but Subaru has only mentioned that it will get an e-Boxer hybrid powertrain with an automatic continuously variable transmission (CVT) for the Japanese market.

Subaru claims there will be nine paint choices available when the 2017 Crosstrek goes on sale, including two new hues: "Offshore Blue Metallic" and "Oasis Blue," and the top grades of the vehicle will be available with 18-inch wheels. The headlights are now LEDs for all trims (and now have a cornering function), the side-sills and lower rear gate trim now have a texture inspired by a mountainous terrain, and the EyeSight safety system's roof-mounted cameras now have a wider field of vision and better image recognition software.

The interior of the 2024 Crosstrek isn't very exciting, with a pretty uninteresting, straightforward dashboard layout set off by a new 11.6-inch infotainment touchscreen (as seen in other models). Subaru claims to have improved the internal storage bins to make them easier to use, and the 60:40 rear folding seats remain providing simple and effective load space in the back. In addition, the seat rails themselves are now directly attached to the vehicle's frame structure, doing away with the traditional bracket mount that caused seat sway and increased vibrations. The front seats have been designed to "support and align the pelvis" and reduce rolling motions and swaying of the human body as the vehicle navigates corners and uneven roads. Subaru further asserts that it used a novel elastic adhesive in the roof paneling reduces vibrations and improves cabin noise damping.

The new Crosstrek uses a full-inner-frame construction body design, similar to the Levorg and new WRX before it, as opposed to the more conventional building approach where an upper body frame and lower body must be linked during assembly. Subaru's strategy ought to provide a more solid, uniform vehicle body, a minor weight decrease, and better overall handling and ride quality. In order to better withstand frontal crashes, Subaru claims a new collision subframe has been added to the chassis.

Subaru will only confirm that the updated Crosstrek is "planned for 2023 or later" to launch in Japan. past the all of next year? It appears to be a lengthy wait. Maybe the semiconductor shortage or other supply chain woes are holding Subaru and the new Crosstrek back.

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