Hyundai Venue to Tamhini Ghat: Great Driving Roads


Hyundai Venue to Tamhini Ghat: Great Driving Roads

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Does it really never grow old? Evo India's lead photographer, Rohit, screamed while desperately onto the grab handle during a pretty nice, energetic drive on one of our favorite sections of twisties at the Tamhini Ghat. Driving freaks and riding fanatics used to come here to sharpen their abilities before the mythical Mutha Ghat at Lavasa and the magnificent slopes of Aamby Valley City near Lonavala. I'm referring to the early to late 2000s and the late 1990s. A seasoned car journalist once told me Tamhini was their playland and the Isle of Man. It connected you from Pune to the Konkan shore while providing you with stunning and breathtaking views.

Additionally, it is incredibly stunning during the monsoon season. The scent of the earth, the gloomy skies, and the chill in the air. Mother Nature appears to be revitalizing. The asphalt is cleaned to a beautiful black color. It's the ideal time of year to go on a drive. Therefore, we are paying a visit to this familiar acquaintance this time around in our Great Driving Roads series. The highway is mythology. One that has served as a testing ground for several accomplished riders and drivers. Several of whom are tearing up the Indian automotive media sector.

I've been familiar with Tamhini's roads for more than 20 years. My earliest recollection of this amazing road is peering up to get a decent look from inside our Santro in 2003 or 2004 while clutching the dashboard. My mum used to take me here for picnics while driving one of her favorite automobiles during the monsoon season. Both my mother and I enjoyed it. The Santro had personality. It traveled with us everywhere almost like a family member. This edition of the Great Driving Roads is very meaningful to me for this reason. Here I am in a Hyundai using these exact same routes! The new Hyundai Venue is our mount. More significantly, it has a DCT transmission and a turbocharged engine. for our antics at Tamhini Ghat. Tamhini Ghat is a beautiful, smooth road with many flowing curves. Oh my gosh, the vistas are breathtaking! As you go closer to the ocean, you will pass waterfall-covered hills on your left and a Mulshi dam reservoir on your right. On these slopes back then, our Santro used to seem slow and, to be honest, a touch underpowered, but not anymore. Hyundai has made great progress at a rapid pace. From the most popular hatchback in India to the Venue, the first mass-produced turbo-petrol vehicle.

It's fun to drive this turbo-DCT combination. With 118 horsepower and 172 nm of torque, the engine is unchanged from the Venue before the facelift, but Hyundai has reworked the DCT for quicker shifts. The DCT now responds more quickly and feels much more in tune with the engine. The new Venue's paddle shifters allow you to change gears without taking your hands off the wheel, which is the cherry on top. I have to say that if you enjoy driving, the Venue Turbo is the variation to have. This engine is a beauty; it pulls strongly all the way up to the redline and has enough low end to pull you out of bends. But when you want it to be, it is also quiet and smooth. Hyundai has equipped the Venue with three driving modes: Normal, Eco, and Sport, each of which has a discernible difference. To travel to Tamhini Ghat, though, you'll probably need an SUV like the Venue because the roads getting there aren't particularly good. With 190mm of ground clearance, it can easily avoid potholes of any size. However, the terrible roads only last a short while before the real travel begins. If you're traveling away from Pune and toward the shore, Tamhini Ghat begins after you pass Tamhane. It starts with a series of swift, sweeping turns that lead us through a dense forest before bringing us to the main ghat, which wouldn't be out of place in a certain Japanese drift manga series. The route is broad, with stretches where high speeds are possible and big turns that provide jaw-dropping vistas.

On these roads, the Venue is a genuine delight to drive. These sweeping bends are perfect for throwing it into, and because they are quite wide here, you can also carry some more speed into them. The Venue, a small SUV, handles these sweeping curves with confidence. It has a fantastic chassis, and while it does have some body roll, as you would expect from an SUV, it does a great job of smoothing out all the bumps in the road so you can drive even more excitedly. Oncoming traffic is something you should be mindful of. Although the road has gotten larger over the years, you still need to drive cautiously and within the restrictions for safety. Speaking of safety, the Venue includes a ton of safety equipment, including traction control, six airbags, ABS, and six airbags. These solutions not only make driving safer but also considerably simpler. They provide car confidence and peace of mind on slick roads. Then there is the entertainment-related material. An excellent six-speaker sound system, wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and even a sunroof that allows additional light to make the inside seem spacious are all included.

Because Tamhini Ghat is a well-liked tourist destination, there are many restaurants and lovely lodgings where you may spend the weekend. There are several vantage locations you may hike up to as you ascend the hill. There are many little paths leading to the top of hills, and several travel firms provide camping stays. But keep in mind that Tamhini can become rather packed on the weekends, so make sure to leave a little early. or go there on a business day! The Tamhini Ghat and the area around it provide an excellent weekend escape for anyone who lives in this region of the nation because they are only a little more than two hours from Pune and slightly more than four hours from Mumbai. It is an ancient jewel that the authorities have given a new lease on life with newer and wider asphalt, and it continues to rank highly on our list of Great Driving Roads that we frequent to admire vehicles, decompress, and just not give a damn about the crazy place that is our planet. Furthermore, there is a lot to see and discover here, especially with resources like the Hyundai Venue at your disposal.  A must-visit before the rains disappear this year!

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